Power Core Aeration

Power core aeration is perhaps the most beneficial process that can be performed to your lawn. Our dedicated aeration equipment applies 1200 pounds of hydraulic down force to pull three to four inch plugs from the turf. This process helps relieve soil  compaction allowing oxygen, water and fertilizer to reach the turfs root zone also allowing space for the roots to grow. Power core aeration helps break down excessive thatch build up that left untreated can harbor non beneficial insects.  Most of our existing lawns are aerated in the late summer or early fall and over seeded at the same time. The soil  cores brought to the surface, the holes , and the timing all work together to increase seed germination success. Our equipment pulls more cores per square foot than the competition and pulls them deeper!! If your provider is currently using cinder blocks or jugs of water to weight down a pull behind aerator, you probably aren't getting good cores pulled. Schedule your annual power core aeration today.